Behind the scenes during our latest Photoshoot in Moscow.
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Mr. Marco Zambaldo

Ph: Beyond Fabric


Sabir and I were walking around Center City last weekend, looking for stylish people to shoot, and I spotted this OG menswear kingpin. 

The olive herringbone coat he was wearing was incredible, lined with an orange moleskin material both inside and under the collar. Cream trousers are always on point, but the real killers were the matching ostrich leather clutch and tassel loafers he was wearing. Everything down to the glasses and tall collar of his sweater fit perfectly into this kit.

He also said, “Oh, I’ve been shot by The Sartorialist a few times.”

Dude was cool as hell.

I love it when I see a person standing in elegance

My love for classic cars! This is the iconic #Ford model-T 1939 love from the first sight

It got the looks